About the Department:

The department of Mathematics, Kisan Post Graduate College, Bahraich, Uttar Pradesh came into existence in 1964 under the leadership of Dr. J.N. Singh, a devoted and popular teacher of terai region. This department emboldens the vision of college of achieving excellence in teaching and learning and it has always striven to get success in its endeavor. The aim of teaching and learning is to aspire and nourish young minds to cultivate a fine mathematical taste and to train them so that they can work on challenging real life mathematical problems.

Our department has been working tremendously for the last two decades. Along with the department, our students are also trying hard to learn and to perform their best. In addition to incorporate Mathematics in their life in practical form, students are also getting higher education of Mathematics in various institutions in the country and abroad. Students of our department are waving their glory in different countries of the world. The achievements of the senior students boost the younger generation. The leadership of our students in country is the living virtue of our teaching. Our students are our lives. Students learn and work for the society by acquiring different positions for the upliftment of the society. This is the purpose, inspiration and determination of our educational life.

Vision and Mission:


“Learning for Best Outcome in Average / Worst Situation”

“Start the use of ICT in Teaching and Learning”


To improve Mathematical skills (Imagination, Understanding, Application) as well as Competitive skills of the students/teachers.

To improve functioning of Student Mentoring Cell, Alumni Cell, Online classroom, WhatsApp Group for department.

To update computer lab with latest mathematical software.

To develop a Website and Telegram group for department.

To start Elementary Mathematics Mission in rural area of tarai region.

To organize Workshops on ICT Initiatives in Teaching and Learning.

To organize Training Programs / Workshops in Core-Mathematics for students / teachers at different level.

About The Head:


Mr. Shashikant

Assistant Professor

Faculty Member(s):


Prof. (Dr.) Vinay Saxena (On Leave)

M.Sc. (IIT Kanpur), Ph.D.(GBPUAT Pantnagar)

Specialization:- Pattern Recognition, Soft Computing Techniques, Numerical Analysis


Mr. Shashikant

Assistant Professor

Specialization:- Topology, Functional Analysis, Optimization Techniques


Mr. Shiva Chaudhary

Assistant Professor
M.Sc. (IIT Bombay), CSIR-JRF, GATE

Specialization:- TOperator theory, Functional Analysis, Complex analysis, Mathematical modeling, Abstract Algebra, Real analysis


Mr. Raju Prasad

Assistant Professor (Contractual)
M.Sc., NET

Specialization:- Discrete Mathematics, Mathematical Modeling, Wavelets


Dr. Ram Murti

Assistant Professor (Contractual)
M.Sc., NET

Specialization:- PDEs (hyperbolic conservation laws, study of waves propagation)


Mr. Holendra Kumar Tiwari

Assistant Professor (Contractual)
M.Sc., NET

Specialization:- Group Theory, Linear Algebra & Functional Analysis

Some icons from Alumni of the department:

Registration link for alumni: Click Here

Name of Alumni Degree / Year (from KDC) Designation Affiliation Email id / Mobile Number
Dr. Quddus Khan B.Sc. (1991) Associate Professor Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
Dr. Mahendra Verma B.Sc. (2003) Assistant Professor I.I.T. Roorkee
Mr. Gulneet Khurrana B.Sc. (2003) Sr. Superintendent of Police Indian Police Services(Punjab Cadre)
Dr. Sudhir Srivastava B.Sc. (2004) Technical Architect ASML, The Netherlands
Imran Ahmad B.Sc. (2004) Vice President – Strategic Analytics JP Morgan Chase & Co., USA
Ashish Kumar Mishra B.Sc. (2004) Director Sutherland Global Services
Dr. Satyendra Singh B.Sc. (2006) Scientist ISRO
Jyoti Prakash Singh B.Sc. (2006) Section Officer Cabinet Secretariat, Rashtrapati Bhawan
Dev Anand Jaiswal B.Sc. (2006) Database SME IBM
Reetesh Kumar Pandey B.Sc. (2006) Sr. Auditor CAG of India, Gujarat, Rajkot
Amit Kumar Jaiswal B.Sc. (2006) Sr. Auditor Indian Audit And Accounts Department
Dr. Ram Murti B.Sc. (2006) Assistant Professor (Contractual) IIIT Una HP
Dr. Vishal Singh B.Sc. (2007) Associate Professor Galgotias University
Dr. Neha Yadav B.Sc. (2007) Associate Professor NIT Hamirpur, H.P.
Dr. Piyush Srivastava B.Sc. (2007) Post-Doctoral Research Associate University of Leeds, United Kingdom
Bhim Sen Choudhary B.Sc. (2007) Research Scholar Lucknow University
Rashmi Tiwari B.Sc. (2009) Bank clerk Bank of india
Dr. Rohit Mishra B.Sc. (2011) Adjunct Assistant Professor University of Texas at Arlington
Madhu Gupta B.Sc. (2011) Graduate Research University of Texas at Arlington
Mohammad Daud Khan B.Sc. (2012) Research Scholar Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
Pankaj Kumar Singh M.Sc. (2014) Research Scholar MNNIT, Allahabad
Mohd Shoaib Khan B.Sc. (2014) Research Scholar South Asian University
Anchal Agrahari M.Sc.(2016) Office assistant Aryavart Bank
Shipra Singh M.Sc. (2016) Wealth Manager Karvy Private Wealth
Lakshmi Kant Trivedi M.Sc. (2016) Asst. Manager Aryavart Bank
Ravi Shankar Jaiswal B.Sc. (2018) Research Scholar TIFR – CAM, Bengaluru
Divyansh Agrawal B.Sc. (2018) Research Scholar TIFR – CAM, Bengaluru


Faculty Name Title of e- Content Upload file / Link
Dr. Vinay Saxena LAB MANUAL C download
Dr. Vinay Saxena LAB MANUAL C++ download
Dr. Vinay Saxena LAB MANUAL JAVA download
Dr. Vinay Saxena BINARY OPERATION ON A SET “S” Lecture 1 download
Dr. Vinay Saxena BINARY OPERATION ON A SET “S” Lecture 2 download
Dr. Vinay Saxena BINARY OPERATION ON A SET “S” Lecture 3 download
Dr. Vinay Saxena BINARY OPERATION ON A SET “S” Lecture 4 download
Dr. Vinay Saxena ALGEBRAIC STRUCTURES Lecture 5 download
Dr. Vinay Saxena ALGEBRAIC STRUCTURES Lecture 6 download