Vision and Mission

Vision And Mission:


Development and application of quality benchmarks for various academic and administrative activities in the institution.

Facilitating creation of an excellent learning center or environment conductive For quality education.

Arrangements of feedback of Students/Parents/Stakeholders /Alumni about quality related institutional parameters.

Dissemination of information of various quality parameters.

Documentation of various programmes of college leading to quality improvement.

To send annual report of AQAR.


To encourage various departments to organize Seminars/Workshops, facilitating the faculty to attend such workshops; introducing new courses in emerging areas.

To promote project-based learning experiential learning.

To promote students centric approach in teaching learning process e.g. in adopting I.C.T, the teachers are to be encouraged to make power point presentation.

To promote teachers to upgrade their qualification encourage them to attend faculty development programmes and other curriculum enrichment programmes.

To develop on ambience on the campus so that it enables the students to have free interaction with the academic and their classmates in the matter of academic affairs.