Rover and Ranger

Rover and Rangers

About the Unit: Rovers and Rangers is the higher wing of Bharat Scout and guide. It is a voluntary and non-political educational movement for young people and open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed. The college has a unit of twenty for Rovers and twenty four Rangers. This unit is running since 2017 and registered on dated 21/08/2020 in U.P. Bharat Scout & Guide, Lucknow.

Vision and Mission: 

To promote scholar for social services. Our mission to produce devoted, disciplined & obedient for society.


Rover & Rangers is loyal.
Rover & Rangers is a friend to animal and loves nature.
Rover & Rangers is pure in thought, world and deed.
Rover & Rangers is courteous.
Rover & Rangers is disciplined and helps protect public property.


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