Nature Club

About The Club:

Vivekananda Nature Club was established in 2016. Head office of this club is Department of Botany, Kisan P.G. College, Bahraich.

Head office Department of Botany
Chief Patron Major (Dr.) S.P. Singh Secretary,
Management Committee
Patron Prof. (Dr.) Vinay Saxena,
Coordinator Dr. Anand Kumar Srivastava
Members of Club Dr. U.P. Singh
Mr. Deependra Gupta
Dr. Alok Pratap Singh
Mrs. Jyoti Rastogi
Dr. Sumit Srivastava
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Shukla

Objective of Club:-

I-     To motivate and educate students and college staff for keeping the campus clean and green.
II-    To create awareness among society regarding the hazards of pollution due to anthropogenic activity.
III-   Organize seminars on communicable diseases and it’s preventive measures.
IV-   To promote social Forestry Agro-forestry in villages and Societies so that deforestation for Timber is minimizes.
V-    Campaign for climatic changes and challenges for life.
VI-   Natural resources utilization for sustainable developments.
VII-  Drinking water crisis and water conservation for betterment of life.
VIII- Wildlife conservation to maintain ecological balance.

Club Achievement:

1. Smoking and polythene totally banned in campus.
2. Soil fertility maintain with green manure farmyard manures, vermi compost and. microbial biofertilizer
3. Use of LED for shaving energy.
4. Use of earthen pots (Kulhars/Paper plates) in campus.
5. Vehicle free campus


Nature Club is recommending installment of solar panels for electric supply during power cut so that campus remains pollution free from smoke emission of generators.

Events organized-

S.No. Name of Event Title Year Upload
1. Botanical Garden
Outdoor Laboratory 2016  
2. One day Seminar AIDS Awareness 2017  
3. One day Seminar Food Safety and
lecture on World
Environmental Health Day
4. Poster and Model
Climatic Change: Challenges in Life 2019  
5. National Quiz
Competition (Online)
COVID-19 Pandemics 2020  


Department Contact Info

Office Superintendent

Kisan Post Graduate College,
Bahraich (U.P.), India.

Mob. No. – +91-9450429368

Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 5:00P.M.

Social Info